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Silver Solarium-Vista-dome Sleeper-Lounge Dome Diner

The Silver Solarium, a Vista-Dome-Sleeper-Lounge Observation car from the famed California Zephyr provides the comfort and luxury of a fine cruise trip for your rail adventure.

Silver Solarium's Journeys for you, your friends, or your group!

Enjoy our chef's fresh regional cuisine prepared for you on board in the vista-dome dining room. Relax and enjoy refreshments at the bar or brought to you by the Steward in the round-end observation lounge.

Capacity: Day 40, Night 11 (including crew). Accommodations include 1 master suite, 1 triple drawing room, and 3 double bedrooms each with their own lavatory and shower.

For more information, or to make a reservation, please contact us at:

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