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If you don't already have a destination in mind, we are pleased to present you with some of the past itineraries that our guests have enjoyed. Should you wish to stay an extra day or two in any location from the scheduled itinerary we would be happy to add them to your itinerary. Reverse itineraries are available for most trips.

Our popular one way and round trips from the San Francisco Bay Area include day destinations such as Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Reno/Sparks. San Diego, Portland and Seattle also provide great destinations for your Pacific Coast Rail Exploration. Likewise travel from these cities to the San Francisco bay area is also a favorite.

Our private railcars travel anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. We typically travel on Amtrak routes throughout the U.S.A., or the VIA Rail Canada routes across Canada. The railcars are added to scheduled Amtrak or VIA Rail passenger services, allowing you to visit almost every major destination in North America. Click to see the Amtrak and ViaRail Map

Stopovers can typically be scheduled at many locations en route to your final destination. While the car is part of a regular passenger train, our trips are private and your journey will not be disturbed by uninvited guests.

There is also a varied choice of Service Enhancements available for your trip.
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Amtrak and ViaRail Map

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