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Private Car (PV) Management Services

Seattle 2004

Rail Journeys West Inc. is pleased to make available our 20+ years of management services for your private car.

We realize that today's private car owners are busy with their own schedules and time. Managing the affairs of moving and operating your private car are more and more challenging and even when you have the time details are often forgotten or possibly just simply over looked.

Rail Journeys West Inc. is now pleased to offer our management assistance in helping you organize and run your private car in a professional manner.

Among the many services we offer´┐Ż.

  • Undertake and coordinate the scheduling arrangements for the car
  • Coordinate day-to-day operation and support of the car
  • Arrange for the inspection and service for the car
  • Maintain records, logs and other documentation
  • Coordinate and undertake the management of the staff and crew
  • Coordinate fuel and service for the your car
  • Coordinate and undertake the provisioning arrangements for the car
  • Coordinate laundry and linen service
  • Undertake and coordinate other services and special requests as requested

Please contact us for additional information and assistance. We look forward to working with you!

Rail Journeys West Inc.

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