Film and Video Rate and Information Guide for Movie, Television or Advertising.

Some of our photo and film work includes:

  • Major Film Production - Sony Pictures March/April 2003 - The Silver Solarium was used for filming several rail scenes for the major motion picture, Mona Lisa Smile, starring Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles. Filming was done in Arizona on the Arizona and California railroad over a 10 day period.

  • Static Photo Shoot - Robert Barbutti Photography In April 2004 professional photographer Robert Barbutti, selected the Silver Solarium for use in his photo shoot with professional model Eva Ro. In addition to his award winning photography, Robert manages several models and is also available for your special events and professional photography needs. Please visit him at: Robert Barbutti Photography.

Rail Journeys West Inc. is pleased to offer the use of our historic rail passenger cars for film, video and print photo production use. Our cars are Amtrak certified and can travel anywhere that Amtrak or VIA travel. The cars are of stainless steel construction in the classic streamliner style reflecting the art deco look associated with the sleek railway streamliners of yesteryear such as the Zephyr, Limiteds and Super Chief as well as other famed trains. Through existing arrangements we offer up to five cars, all matched for a complete train and a mini-streamliner. Currently we have three cars available for use and other cars can be arranged to assemble a complete train or to reflect the proper time era for your project.

Our cars include:
  • Silver Solarium, a dome observation car from the famed California Zephyr and the sole example in charter service and operation in the U.S. The car has a classic bullet observation end as well as the famed glass top dome.

By arrangement we also, offer two additional cars:
  • Silver Lariat, a mid-train dome car from the famed California Zephyr. The dome coach can be configured as coach space or dining space.
  • Silver Rapids, a sleeping car from the same train. offers vintage style roomettes and bedrooms.
Major Productions
(television series, movies, etc.)

Exterior Work -- Our basic rate for each car is $1,000 per day with a generally a three day minimum.

Interior Work - Our basic rate for each car is $1,200 per day with generally a three day minimum. Smaller Productions and Still Photography: Our basic rate starts at $750 per car per day, presuming an 8 hour day. The above rates are subject to change and do not include rail transportation to the location site if needed. Each operation generally carries with it its own set of unique circumstances, some of which can significantly impact the cost of your use of our cars. Where possible we will provide a preliminary estimate which we believe will closely approximate the costs involved for your use and work with you to minimize your costs.

For more information, or to make a reservation, please contact us at:

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