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The Coast Starlight

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From snowcapped mountain peaks to Pacific Ocean vistas, discover the spectacular scenery, history and thriving cities that are uniquely the American West Coast.

The Coast Starlight, makes a 1,390-mile trip from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA. Along this route you will travel up steep mountain ranges, down into rolling, green valleys, and along the beautiful, sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean. The scenery is breathtaking and the history is fascinating.

Rail Journeys West is pleased to offer day trips from the bay area to Los Angeles. Overnight in Los Angeles and return by rail the next day. Alternatively, extend your stay in Southern California and take in a sporting event or extend your trip with us. We can also continue to San Diego!

Alternatively, one can travel north from the bay area to Portland and Seattle. Board in the evening in the bay area and settle in for a relaxing evening aboard the cars as we head into the Sierras. Awaken the next morning to piping hot coffee and full breakfast and lunch as we head toward Portland. If continuing to Seattle you will also enjoy dinner with us enroute.

Seattle and Portland also represent departure points for the Empire Builder with service to Spokane, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Chicago. Additionally service to Vancouver, British Columbia is available from Seattle, WA.

These are just some of the exciting possibilities that await you aboard the Silver Solarium on the Coast Starlight.

For more infomation, or to make a reservation, please contact us.

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