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Silver Solarium: Bedroom accommodations available

Bedrooms A & C

Ideal for two people, these rooms are equipped with two-full sizes beds; one upper and one lower, also with separate enclosed toilet, shower and wash facilities. For day use there is a contoured sofa-seat and lounge chair. The room is air-conditioned and has a separate fan and heat controls. Other conveniences of the rooms are wardrobe lockers, ample luggage space, folding arm rests, mirrors, electric razor outlets and shoe lockers.

Bedroom B:

Includes all the amenities of bedrooms A & C. The lower of the two full-size beds in this room becomes a full length contoured deep cushioned sofa for day travel providing ample seating space for two or three.

Bedroom B:

At night the sofa and upper berth fold out to two-full size beds for sleeping comfort.

Bedrooms A&B "En suite" for day use :

When the partition between these two rooms is folded back, the en suite arrangement makes a commodious room for group or family travel. A table and extra chairs for recreation can be provided.

Bedrooms A&B "En suite" evening use:

Four big beds made with fresh, crisp linen, warm blankets and soft snow-white pillows. Upper berth safety guards and ladders are part of the equipment. The partition may be closed to provide separate rooms if you prefer.

Bedroom D:

Complete with every personal need the drawing room is especially suited to family or group travel. By day it is a spacious living room with a wide sofa and two movable lounge chairs. Toilet wash and shower are enclosed in their own annex.

Bedroom D:
At night the drawing room makes up with three full beds, all featuring mattresses which are truly sleep inviting. The lounge chairs are folded and are stored under the longitudinal bed which opens from the wall.

Bedroom E:

This Master Suite was originally the Bar -Lounge area of the original California Zephyr. It has been custom built to include the largest bed available on the Silver Solarium.


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